NallyIH1172Returnable Folding Plastic Crate 33 litre

B33 Returnable Folding Crate (RFC)

Internal Dimensions: 553 x 357 x 165mm (L x W x H)

Rigid when loaded and stacked, these heavy duty crates quickly fold inwards when empty. This design sets a new standard for stacking strength in a reusable collapsible container.

This family of heavy duty plastic crates allows businesses to drop the old cardboard habit and become sophisticated in your supply chain solutions.

Available in four different heights, these crates can be used for any type of product or material handling application. Each crate has the same footprint folded or loaded thereby conserving valuable storage space. These returnable totes are ergonomically designed for manual operations, easy to assemble and disassemble and work equally well in fully automated systems.

Product Features
  • Ergonomically designed bevelled hand holds
  • Knock-down quick release latches
  • Rigid Vertical Sidewalls
  • Australian footprint
  • Branding and RFID facility
  • Smooth interior and dimpled exterior