KitabKT023823ltr Heavy Duty plastic Crate

Kitab 23 Litre Heavy Duty Plastic Crate KT0221

Please note lids are sold separately.
Ki-tab 23 litre crate is from the heavy duty range of ki-tab products. This plastic tub is ideal for use in situation that require a durable storage and transportation of materials and has vertical walls which make it an excellent solution for minimising space wastage while the low profile means that overall weight can be kept to a safe limit. Can be used in a drawer style racking setup, generous flat rim allows the container to slide on an angle bracket runner.

Ki-Tab Plastic Crate Details
Internal Dimensions:555 x 370 x 105mm
Capacity:23 Litre
Colours:Red (KT0221), Blue (KT0238), White (KT0245), Yellow (KT9057)