PSWJCO-CTR-760S760 Solid Pallet Bin

760 Solid Pallet Bin JCO-CTR-760S

This huge mega bin styled solid plastic pallet bin is ideal for the bulk storage of Grapes, Vegetables, Olives, Mangoes, and Apples. It is also used for storage of meat and meat by products.

Designed to fit easily into warehouse pallet racking it is able to be moved from place to place by forklifts or pallet jacks.

760 Solid Pallet Bin (JCO-CTR-760) details
Inner Dimensions: 1115 x 910 x 575mm
Bins per paller space: 3
Volume (litres) 610
  • Accessories & Features
  • Available with 2/3 Runners or 4/6/9/Feet
  • Card Holders (moulded on bin externally)
  • Personalised Hot Stamping (optional)
  • Colours
  • Standard “Light Grey”
  • Colour Choice (conditions apply)

CTR – Lid (optional)