PSWJCO-CTR-760LC760 Solid Pallet Bin with lid

760 Solid Pallet Bin with lid

The JCO-CTR-760LC 760 litre plastic pallet bin comes with it's own lid and, also a strap set designed to secure the lid onto the bin and ensure minimum spillage during rough transport.

760 Solid Pallet Bin with lid (JCO-CTR-760LC) specifics
Inner Dimensions: 1115 x 910 x 575mm
Bins per pallet space: 3
Volume (litres) 610
  • Accessories & Features
  • Available with 2/3 Runners or 4/6/9/Feet
  • Card Holders (moulded on bin externally)
  • Personalised Hot Stamping (optional)
  • CTR bins stackable with or without lid
  • Colours
  • Standard “Light Grey”
  • Colour Choice (conditions apply)