PSWCFB780VFolding Vented Pallet Bin

Folding Vented Pallet Bin (FPB780V)
Folding Vented Pallet Bin (FPB780V)
Folding Vented Pallet Bin (FPB780V)

The vented collapsible pallet bin is ideal for fruit growers as it allows air to circulate throughout produce during transportation. When the bin is collapsed, 7 units will stack into a pallet space at 240cm high.

Folding Vented Pallet Bin (CFB780V)
Load Capacity:500kg
Tipping Bars:$55.00
Grey Lids available - please call for pricing.

Available in solid or vented. Australian pallet footprint and can inter-stack with similar rigid containers such as the Nally Megabin.

Made from 100% virgin Polypropylene for longer life and impact resistance. 2 x 860mm wide drop down doors for easy access. Fold down to just 280mm, effectively a 3:1 ratio compared to rigid bins, or 7 high in a truck pallet space.

Racking locators on all four sides to ease use in warehouse racking. Smoother exterior and interior sides allowing better cleaning and hygiene maintenance. 4 label holders, 2 on the outside and 2 on the inside of the fold down gates. Can be customised to suit customer needs (minimum orders quantity required).