PSWCFB-NVFolding Pallet Bin

FPB780 Folding bin
FPB780 Folding bin
FPB780 Folding bin
FPB780 Folding bin

Rated to 500 kg and are solid except for drainage holes in each corner. 9 units fit on a pallet, designed to be interchangable with Nally Mega Bins and Chep pallets.

Load Capacity: 500kg
Static: 3000kg
Dynamic: 1000kg
  • Accessories & Features
  • Tipping Bars: $70.00
  • Personalised Hot Stamping available
  • Lids available

Available in solid or vented.
Australian pallet footprint and can inter-stack with similar rigid containers such as the Nally Megabin.

Made from 100% virgin Polypropylene for longer life and impact resistance. 2 x 860mm wide drop down doors for easy access. Fold down to just 280mm, effectively a 3:1 ratio compared to rigid bins, or 9 high in a truck pallet space.

Racking locators on all four sides to ease use in warehouse racking. Smoother exterior and interior sides allowing better cleaning and hygiene maintenance. 4 label holders, 2 on the outside and 2 on the inside of the fold down gates. Can be customised to suit customer needs (minimum orders quantity required).